Grooming By Ashleigh!

K.C. the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel before and after.  Had to shave his poor ears since they were matted. :(

Don’t Over Vaccinate Your Pet!
For all of the pet parents that think their pets need to be vaccinated yearly…Other than Bordatella,  the Distemper Combo shot actually stay in the dogs system for 3 years.  Vet Schools have not taught yearly vaccinating for at least a few years now!  Even the American Animal Hospital Association recommends only vaccinating every 3 years due to the risks of over vaccinating.   AND GUESS WHAT?  All those vets that offer 3 year and 1 year shot???  IT’S ACTUALLY THE SAME DAMN THING, out of the same bottle! (Except for Rabies) The only difference is that they can charge you more.  Thank goodness I actually have a decent vet who has changed his practice and only vaccinates the Distemper combo and Rabies every three years.   These links are good reads, so go ahead and do some research!

This is a direct link to the American Animal Hospital Association’s website regarding new recommendations for canine vaccination based on decades of research proving yearly vaccination is neither beneficial nor without substantial risk to the animal. The link leads to a statement regarding the revised vaccine guidelines and at the bottom, there is click “here” button to view the2011 AAHA Canine Vaccine Guidelines. THIS IS A MUST READ FOR ANY PET OWNER. If you look around your vet office, you will probably see an AAHA endorsement somewhere but if your vet is recommending yearly vaccination to line his pockets with, he is going DIRECTLY against recommendation:

Standard practice taught at UC DAVIS Veterinary School (and others including Texas A&M, Cornell and Colorado State) is that routine vaccination be given every three years, not every year, primarily due to the risk of over vaccination induced immunological disease in dogs. Many vets ignore this because such a LARGE portion of their income is derived from vaccinations (a vaccination, by the way , that costs them about $3.50 but is sold to you for more than 10 times that amount PLUS an office visit fee!)

A letter from a practicing Veterinarian commending an online pet information site for educating pet owners in regards to the needless over vaccinating of their pets, stating that doing so is against the current recommended vaccination schedule as taught in Veterinary schools which he lists by name. He cites WHY they are unnecessary from an immunological aspect.
Shitty Bosses Part 2
I am just completely fed up with the Vets that I work for. They act like they are the only ones who know anything about dogs, and belittle all their employees because they want everyone to know how great they are. For the past year I have been trying to educate my grooming clients about the importance of their dogs nutrition, especially when I get one with horrible skin and itchy problems. Well today, I knew I was going to be gone before the parent picked up the dog, so I left her a long note just giving her some of my professional advice on her dog who had horrible allergies. Well the Doctor saw it on the counter and read it, and then told the receptionist NOT to give it to the owner, because I need to let “him” be the Doctor. I’m sorry, but I’m not stupid and I don’t just pull this shit out of my ass! As a professional, I have the RIGHT to give my clients my expert advice when I notice a problem on a dog that I am grooming! Maybe if the stupid Doctors would crawl out of their ancient hole, and do their own research they would know a little something about it as well! But NO they feed their dogs shit as well, and then wonder why they constantly lick and scratch! Not to mention they make money off the poor people who come in every month for allergy shots! Because their solution for every scratching problem is a damn steroid shot.   I am so mad at them right now, I could just scream.

Bella, the poodle/shih-tzu mix after her first “big girl” haircut.  She has some wild hair lol


Well I found out that I am pregnant tonight lol! :D   My husband and I are super excited, but I’m not sure how this will affect my grooming :-p   Wish us luck on our newest adventure!

So my husband and I found this 2 yr old neutered Lab lingering around our house dragging his retractable leash.  We knew someone had to be looking for him because he had really good manners, he knew how to sit, and he walked very nicely on the leash.  Plus, he never once tried to jump up on us haha!  Unfortunately he didn’t have any tags or a microchip, so we just left our number with the Humane Society in case someone called looking for him.  Sure enough, 4 hours later we get a call saying the owners have been found.  I met them at a local gas station (after going all the way to walmart and buying him some food and a chew bone lol)  She said that this is the 5th time he has gotten out, and that they are visiting from South Carolina.  I’m thinking to myself wtf??  If your dog has already gotten out 5 times, and you STILL haven’t gotten a fucking tag to put on his collar then you are kinda retarded.  Tip of the day people:  Make sure your pets always have proper ID on them!!  It does help save lives! This little guy got lucky because we have soooo many dogs that roam around here in the country, and if he hadn’t have been dragging his leash, I would have just thought that he was another dog that belonged to a local country bumpkin…

More pics of Marie after I edited them a little