Grooming By Ashleigh!
Reposting a photo of Bobo, the Dachshund/poodle mix.  He is too cute!

Reposting a photo of Bobo, the Dachshund/poodle mix.  He is too cute!

Mocha the bad yorkie lol.  He was matted as crap and an idiot on the table.  I tried to get a better after picture, but he would NOT be still haha!

Crazy People

Really tired of crazy clients!  I have a regular customer who owns a Shih-tzu that I have groomed since he was a puppy. He’s really sweet, but his parents are nuts!  The very first time they finally decided to take length off of his body, they brought me a picture of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and said they liked the look.  (They thought it was a Shih-tzu!)  After explaining to them that the picture they brought was NOT a shih-tzu, they decided they wanted something different lol. 

Anyways, today he was on the schedule to be groomed.  Here lately, I’ve been keeping him cut in a 3 blade, and they like an extremely short face because he drools horribly.  Today, the dad brought in an entire Shih-tzu magazine and told me to make him look like one of the dogs in the magazine….I quickly told him that all the dogs in the magazine had longer hair than Grover, and that I couldn’t make him look like those dogs because his hair wasn’t long enough and they like a short face! So instead of letting his hair grow out, he decides he wants the same thing as I usually do.  I swear these people are nuts.  Anyway, he asked if Grover would be done by noon and I said NO, I have a full day today so it will probably be afternoon sometime between 1 and 2.  This dude shows up right at noon while I’m in the middle of eating my lunch, and asked TWICE when he would be ready.  I said it’s gonna be another hour or so once I’m done with my lunch. 

Once I finished my lunch, I go back to finish Grover and the freakin’ dad calls back 15 minutes after he showed up the first time, and asks when he will be done!  UGH I honestly cannot stand people like this.  At least he tipped, but dang!

Stupid Scotties

OMG have I mentioned how much I absolutely detest Scotties??  I have NEVER had one that was remotely decent for grooming. They are all complete psychos around here.  I had a 16 week old Scottie today that was by far the worst puppy I have ever done.  She pissed and shit at least 6 times on the table and in the tub…I had to muzzle it to get even remotely close to her ears to swab them out with a damn cotton ball, (heaven forbid)  She flailed and fought and screamed and just acted like a complete idiot.  I had a horrible time with this stupid dog.  So freakin’ glad it’s Friday!

Yay for Me

I am so pleased that two of my “yeasty” dog clients actually took my advice and put their dogs on a high quality diet.  It’s only been about two months, but already their skin is looking and SMELLING soooo much better than it was.  Not only that, but they both came in on the same day and I got to see the changes for myself.  So I just really want to rub this small victory in my Vets face, since he apparently thinks I know nothing at all about dog nutrition, and yet he constantly recommends shitty brands of food to his clients.  Well guess what buddy, you won’t be making anymore money off of these two clients by giving them any more steroid shots!

Found another pic of when Daegan was still a pup. He was in his weird teenage phase haha

Found another pic of when Daegan was still a pup. He was in his weird teenage phase haha

K.C. the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel before and after.  Had to shave his poor ears since they were matted. :(

Reesie the Yorkie mix, before and after.  She has a horrible coat that is stringy and coarse, but once I took some length off, she looked cuter!

How to Spot a Back Yard Breeder

Since I’m really bored today, I wanted to talk about something that is important to me, even though I’ve touched on this subject many times.

I always have so many people ask me “do you know of anyone around here selling puppies?”  And I always try to be polite when I say “No, and you should be careful who you buy from. You should do your research and try to find a reputable breeder.”   It still amazes how many people have no idea what I’m talking about and don’t bother taking my advice or doing research before buying a dog.  I usually see them a month or two later bringing in their new crappy quality puppy with a poor coat, bad temperament, and covered in fleas.  But they don’t seem to care that they just paid $800 dollars for this poorly bred dog with “papers.”  Trust me, I’ve been there before too and have made the same mistakes.  But I’ll be honest with you. Having papers doesn’t mean squat if the dog was poorly bred, and even mutts these days can have papers. 

So I would like to share with you a few tips and advice on what look for when you decide to buy a new puppy.  This will help steer you away from back yard breeders, no matter how nice, how clean, or how “responsible” they seem to be.  Back yard breeding doesn’t necessarily mean that the dogs come from a puppy mill, or are dirty, or covered in fleas.  There are many BYB that actually take care of their puppies, regardless of the fact that they should NOT be breeding dogs if they can’t do it correctly.  They are only doing more harm than good.

*Tip #1”   One of the most important things when breeding dogs is HEALTH.  This does not only mean that the breeding pair needs to be healthy on the outside, but genetically as well.  Anyone can say that their dog is healthy by having a vet check them over, but you cannot be certain that your dog is genetically healthy, unless you do the proper DNA testing to know for sure.  Every breed of dog has certain genetic issues that pertain to their breed.  These can vary from painful eye disorders, knee and hip problems, heart problems, hearing problems, etc.  The good news is that many of these issues can be specifically tested for prior to breeding. This ensures that you will NOT be producing affected puppies that could potentially suffer from any of these inherited illnesses.  Back yard breeders do not health test, but yet they will offer a “one year” health guarantee against genetic issues. This is downright silly because many genetic issues do not pop up until the dog is much older, so the guarantee is pointless.  Reputable breeders ALWAYS test their breeding stock for genetic issues so that they KNOW their puppies will be healthy both inside and out.  So why don’t more breeders do this? Well it’s either because they don’t care, don’t know, or are just in it for the money, and therefore should not be breeding dogs to begin with.  So before you buy a puppy, make sure you know which genetic issues are common in the breed you want, and don’t be afraid to ask the breeder if the parents are tested.  If they say no, then stay away and find someone else.  ANY breeder that does not test the parents before breeding, IS a back yard breeder. 

*Tip #2*  Most reputable breeders only breed one litter every year or two because they breed for themselves first.  Maybe they are just looking for a new show prospect or for a nicer quality dog to use in their breeding program.  Some breeders have multiple breeding stock, and may choose to have 2 or 3 litters a year, but do NOT breed the same bitch multiple times a year.  Reputable breeders focus on quality, not quantity, and will not over produce puppies.  Chances are, if you find a breeder that has several litters a year by the same parents every time, then they are back yard breeders.  There is NO reason to breed that many times over and over, unless you are just in it for the money. 

*Tip #3*  Reputable breeders are very picky about who they sell their puppies to.  They do not just hand them over to anyone who offers them money.  Each family is carefully selected and interviewed before they seal the deal.  This usually includes a “puppy application,” in which the potential owners will answer questions and will also give the breeder personal and Vet references.  If the breeder finds out that they have been neglectful when it comes to the proper vet care of any previous pets, then the breeder will not sell to that particular family.  Reputable breeders want the absolute best homes for their puppies, and will only sell them to people who know how to care for a dog properly, and will give it the best life possible.  If you find a breeder who is willing to sell a puppy to the first person that hands them money, then you know that they are a back yard breeder.  

*Tip #4*  Reputable breeders strive for quality.  They want each generation to have the best temperament, the best confirmation, and the best health.  Even then, not every puppy can be show quality.  Even reputable breeders have a few puppies that might not be the best choice for a show dog, so they place them in a wonderful “pet” only home.  This doesn’t mean that the puppy is inferior in any way, it just means that they would not do well in the show ring, and should not be bred.  Reputable breeders will know which of their puppies are show quality, and which puppies are pet quality, and will sell them with contracts accordingly.  Pet contracts state that the puppy MUST be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age and will not be given full registration and cannot be shown.  This ensures that these pet quality dogs are not bred in the wrong hands.   Show contracts state the agreements made between the owner and the breeder about how the dog is to be shown, etc.  Many breeders even “co-own” their show puppies with the new owners.  Any breeder that does not sell their pet quality puppies with spay/neuter contracts, is a back yard breeder.

*Tip #5*  Reputable breeders do NOT breed mutts.  No reputable breeder is going to waste their time, money and energy on producing mixed dogs, strictly because they are “cute”.  “Designer Dogs” are NOT a breed of their own, with no written standard to follow, and no long term goal.  You never know what you are going to get, and therefore contradicts everything a reputable breeder stands for.  They are bred strictly to feed the ignorance of potential buyers because they think they are getting something “unique.”  They pay tons of money for these mixed dogs, when you can usually find the same thing in a shelter!  Since back yard breeders don’t health test anyway, then you are twice as likely to end up with a puppy that has a genetic issue because you have two separate breeds with separate genetic problems.  So stay away from any breeder who purposely breeds mixed dogs.

*Tip #6*  There is NO such thing as a teacup dog!  They simply do not exist.  The “teacup” craze is a ploy made up by back yard breeders so that they can get more money out of a smaller dog.  Usually these smaller dogs are sickly, fragile, and premature.  It is NOT ethical or healthy to purposely breed anything to be under 5 pounds.  The Chihuahua is already the smallest recognized breed in the AKC, and the standard states that they are supposed to be no larger than 6 pounds.  Yet we still have people claiming to breed “toy and teacup” Chihuahuas, even though there is no such thing.  There are many dogs in the “Toy Group”, but this is not to be confused with the idiots that are breeding and selling them much smaller than they are supposed to be.

*Tip #7*  If you’ve been listening so far, then you probably already know not to buy puppies from a pet store.  It still sickens me how it’s still legal for pet stores to even sell them!  Pet stores always get their puppies from puppy mills or back yard breeders and turn around and sell them for up to a thousand dollars.  They are poorly bred and many of them are sickly.  So don’t buy puppies from pet stores!

Reputable breeders aren’t too hard to find when you know where to look.  You just have to know what you are looking for, what to ask for, and what to stay away from.  It just gets hard sometimes, because there are so many back yard breeders that seem appealing.  You may even have to look out of state, so make sure you do your research before jumping the gun and buying a new pup!

Ugh…you just can’t argue with ignorant. I love it when people try to justify back yard breeders when they even admit to knowing nothing about breeding whatsoever.  So how is your uneducated opinion even worth a shit against my opinion, when I have actually done my research, learned from reputable breeders, studied the breed, etc.?  People are so ridiculous.  Please do your research before trying to argue with someone who actually has.