Grooming By Ashleigh!


So this was what I did on my day off…I think it turned out pretty great!  A few little things I need to fix when it fades/grows out a bit and I go over it again, but still really fabulous. 

Savvy has finally gone rainbow!

love this! i color my CC’s too :)

why not take them a picture??


I like to say that I groom my dog mostly by myself because I like the challenge and I want to save some money, but really it’s just because I’m incapable of communicating with hairdressers of any sort.

I would rather be miserable and covered in cut poodle hair (and blood, sweat, tears) for most of a day instead of taking 5 minutes to tell someone what I want and then taking home a dog with a clip I don’t quite like or recognize who smells funny.

This may sound cheesy, but my maiden name is young, so I have a “forever young” tattoo as well, and it’s written in Elvish :) 

This may sound cheesy, but my maiden name is young, so I have a “forever young” tattoo as well, and it’s written in Elvish :) 

Marie again :)

How does one get into the pet grooming industry?

you typically start off as a bather at your local pet grooming facility or grooming chain such as petsmart.  after you learn the basics of each breed, bathing, drying, pet safety, nail trimming. and proper brushing on different coat types, many places offer on the job training to become a stylist.  with petsmart they send you to their grooming academy to become trained and certified.

my baby boy

my baby boy

SO True!


When people tell me what they’re going to be doing while we’re grooming their dog

Well the good news is that my little man is doing great and we are home with him now.  He is still being closely followed by Cardio, but he does not have any immediate concerns.  On the other hand, I had to quit my job so I could be a stay at home mommy for my tiny little boy.  I was sad to have to do that to my bosses at the last minute, and I feel bad for all my wonderful clients, but I know that it was in the best interest of the new love of my life.  It all just happened so quick.  It’s hard when you only find out 2 days before you deliver that your child has a heart problem. Everything just kinda blurs together after that. 

Our new little man! his condition is actually better than we thought, but he is still in the NICU for now.  I only got to see him for 5 minutes after delivery before they took him to another hospital for his heart issues.  I can’t see him until I get discharged tomorrow morning and it’s killing me not to be with him.  The good news is that he does NOT need immediate surgery, if at all. I am so very blessed!

Just got some scary news from the doctor today. Our little boy has a heart problem and a possible problem with one of his kidneys. Thank goodness we found it early! We meet with a pediatric cardiologist tomorrow morning to find out whats wrong. Please pray for our little man.